Critical And Contextual Studies Evaluation:

I have enjoyed the CCS process of writing my blog as I have found each of the topics divertingly different and interesting.

However, because of this I have found writing the blog posts really hard, as after gathering such a variety of knowledge through books, journals and online sites it has been challenging to condense the information into a limited word count, often having to leave out information that I myself found interesting.

Though this process and on reflection I have realised how hard Harvard referencing is and that it is definitely not one of my strong points: especially when I have to access a variety of sources and knowing when and how much of a source constitutes a reference.

Overall I am contented with my writing and posts, I personally find them interesting; with my own spin on each topic, sometimes the content is personal and at others it is critical or objective. I am aware that striking the right balance between research and moving it forward into my own evaluation can sometimes blur and the balance of the two can weigh more heavily on onw side compared to the other.

In conclusion, I would like to continue writing my blog around issues or topics of interest, whether linking to my other modules and projects or creating other avenues of interest, such as baking or more outfit style posts. Hopefully it will be this analysis and exploration that will help me grow as a designer.


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